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Allocator Voices - Meet The Innovators

Katarina Storfer • 3 July 2020
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Institutional Investor announces Allocator Voices, a prominent consortium of allocators from across the globe that were nominated by their peers for their leadership in driving inspiration through innovation in their approach to both their personal and professional lives. 

The Innovators hope to help further inspire our industry with stories, interviews and tools that can embed themselves into the practices of our everyday lives, organizations and the industry as a whole. As representatives of change, look to The Innovators as the world’s leading consortium to help advance the practice of asset allocation globally.

Join me in congratulating these influential individuals by clicking below! 

Meet the full list of The Innovators by clicking below. 



Their personal and professional stories on what inspires them, practices on how they scout the market, life lessons and more have been shared with us on the topics section.

Stories Coming From The Innovators


Chief Investment Officer

San Francisco City & County Employees' Retirement System 

Bill Coaker has led two successful turnarounds at his firm, during which the $26.5 billion public pension fund has ranked in the 5 percent against peers, for returns over each of the past 1, 3 and 5 years. At SFERS the Sharpe Ratio ranked in the 10th percentile, respectively. Read on how he is betting on science, technology and innovation here.



Chief Investment Officer

Advocate Aurora Health

At the $12 billion health service organization, the ninth-largest not-for-profit in the country, Leslie Lenzo has completely restructured their portfolio. Operating under an “evolution” rather than “revolution” approach has helped diversify the portfolio by taking down their fixed income allocation and putting it into a diversified, idiosyncratic hedge fund portfolio. Coming soon read about the dramatic transformation taking place place in the health care industry’s investment management



Chief Investment Officer

Utah Retirement Systems

Since 2004, Bruce Cundick is at helm of one of the most sought-after LPs among hedge funds, due to its concentration of alternatives. After 2008-2009, Utah got into hedge funds and real assets, and built a liquidity balance sheet. As Utah confronts this market crisis, the fund is more diversified with more downside protection. The $35 billion Utah Retirement System has about 43% of its assets in alternatives. Read how Bruce has been planning for this particular meltdown for years here