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Angela Rodell, Chief Executive Officer, Alaska Permanent Fund: Glacial Changes

28 Jul 2021 •
Angela Rodell
Glacial Changes Alaska, which has the highest ratio of males to females of any state, is often viewed by people in the Lower 48 as macho man territory.

Leslie Lenzo, CIO, Advocate Aurora Health: Paying It Forward

21 Jul 2021 •
Leslie Lenzo
Paying It Forward   From her childhood on a hog farm in rural Iowa to Chief Investment Officer of the 11th largest nonprofit health care system in the United States, Leslie Lenzo embodies the very diversity she champions.

Sophia Cheng, CIO, Cathay Financial Holdings: A Masterclass in the Art of Patience

1 Jul 2021 •
Sophia Cheng
A Masterclass in the Art of Patience  Sophia Cheng, CIO of Cathay Financial Holdings in Taiwan is an investor who’s always focused on the big picture.

Anne-Marie Fink, CIO, Private Markets & Funds Alpha, State of Wisconsin Investment Board: On Wisconsin

24 Jun 2021 •
Anne-Marie Fink
On Wisconsin Anne-Marie Fink, who oversees investments with external managers at the ‎State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), says her three-decade career has followed a consistent path.

Claudia Stanghellini, Head of External Management, AP3, Sweden: The Viking from Sienna

15 Jun 2021 •
Claudia Stanghellini
The Viking from Sienna Sweden may not have been very imaginative in naming the “buffer funds” in its pension system: There’s AP1, AP2, AP3, and, yes, AP4. But it’s been much more imaginative in investing the nation’s pension assets.

Kim Lew, President and Chief Executive Officer, Columbia Investment Management Company: Playing in the Ivy League

9 Jun 2021 •
Kim Lew
Playing in the Ivy League Columbia University, founded in 1754, has turned out a distinguished array of graduates, from Alexander Hamilton to Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and W

Cecilia Blomquist, CIO, PP Pension Tjänstepensionsförening: Investing with an Eye to the Upside and Downside

7 Jun 2021 •
Cecilia Blomquist
Investing with an Eye to the Upside and Downside Cecilia Blomquist, CIO of PP Pension Tjänstepensionsförening (Occupational Pension Association) in Sweden, pays as much attention to positivity in leadership as she does to the downs

Anja Mikus, CEO and CIO, KENFO: Ask and You Shall Receive

2 Jun 2021 •
Anja Mikus
Anja Mikus, CEO and CIO KENFO - The Fund to Finance the German Nuclear Waste Management Last one out, please turn off the lights and lock the door. No, that’s not how you close down a nuclear reactor.

Molly Murphy, CIO, OCERS: Stepping into the Sunshine

25 May 2021 •
Molly Murphy
Stepping into the Sunshine Molly Murphy, CIO of the Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS), is about longevity as much as the $20 billion fund she oversees.

Kelli Washington, Managing Director, Cleveland Clinic Investment Office: You Can Go Home Again

20 May 2021 •
Kelli Washington
You Can Go Home Again Who says you can’t go home again? When Kelli Washington left her native Cleveland 30 years ago, she was a bright teenager going off to Washington University in St.