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Liza McDonald, Head of Responsible Investment, Aware Super

30 Sep 2021 •
Liza McDonald
Doing Well by Her Members Liza McDonald, the Head of Responsible Investments at Aware Super, one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, which serves more than one million members.

Laura Hill, Vice President, Alternative Investments, Advocate Aurora Health: Pursuing multiple ways to win

26 Aug 2021 •
Laura Hill
Pursuing multiple ways to win Laura Hill changed the course of her career following one detour through a college job fair tent: Though she once thought she would spend “a few years” as a financial analyst then go to medical school, she abandoned the idea of me

Payment Clickbait: China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Experiment

19 Aug 2021 •
Allocator Intel
Payment Clickbait: China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Experiment When it comes to all things digital, Richard Turrin says, China “is moving toward the future faster than any other country.” Turrin, author of the recently published

Miyuki Zeniya, Head of Sustainable Finance, The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Limited: Putting Things in Perspective

18 Aug 2021 •
Miyuki Zeniya
Putting Things in Perspective Miyuki Zeniya, who oversees sustainable finance at The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company in Japan, is a long-term thinker.

Dana Johns, Senior Portfolio Manager, Private Equity, Maryland State Retirement and Pension System: The Art of the Private Equity Deal

9 Aug 2021 •
Dana Johns
The Art of the Private Equity Deal Dana Johns’s early career aspirations were focused on curating contemporary art exhibitions, but in a wonderfully circuitous route her post undergraduate work experiences and education wound their

Angela Rodell, Chief Executive Officer, Alaska Permanent Fund: Glacial Changes

28 Jul 2021 •
Angela Rodell
Glacial Changes Alaska, which has the highest ratio of males to females of any state, is often viewed by people in the Lower 48 as macho man territory.

Leslie Lenzo, CIO, Advocate Aurora Health: Paying It Forward

21 Jul 2021 •
Leslie Lenzo
Paying It Forward   From her childhood on a hog farm in rural Iowa to Chief Investment Officer of the 11th largest nonprofit health care system in the United States, Leslie Lenzo embodies the very diversity she champions.

Sophia Cheng, CIO, Cathay Financial Holdings: A Masterclass in the Art of Patience

1 Jul 2021 •
Jessica Obeng
A Masterclass in the Art of Patience  Sophia Cheng, CIO of Cathay Financial Holdings in Taiwan is an investor who’s always focused on the big picture.

Anne-Marie Fink, CIO, Private Markets & Funds Alpha, State of Wisconsin Investment Board: On Wisconsin

24 Jun 2021 •
Anne-Marie Fink
On Wisconsin Anne-Marie Fink, who oversees investments with external managers at the ‎State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), says her three-decade career has followed a consistent path.

Claudia Stanghellini, Head of External Management, AP3, Sweden: The Viking from Sienna

15 Jun 2021 •
Claudia Stanghellini
The Viking from Sienna Sweden may not have been very imaginative in naming the “buffer funds” in its pension system: There’s AP1, AP2, AP3, and, yes, AP4. But it’s been much more imaginative in investing the nation’s pension assets.