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Coming Soon... Inspiration through Innovation: the professional & personal stories

Katarina Storfer • 10 June 2020

Inspiration through Innovation

Straight from the source, the professional & personal stories from those who are leading the drive. Find out what inspires them, scouting the market practices, life lessons and more.


Innovators coming up: 



Bill Coaker Betting on Science, Technology and Innovation.

Coaker, CIO of the $26 billion San Francisco Employees Retirement System says, “One of our themes is you don’t make great money investing in asset classes but rather in great businesses.”  



Bruce Cundick not fighting the last war. 

The February market meltdown descended on many investor like, well, like a plague, but Bruce Cundick, CIO of the $35 billion Utah Retirement Systems, says, “We’ve been planning for this particular time for years.” 


Come back soon for the full stories!