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About Group

Welcome to the Global LPGP Lounge

The Global LPGP Lounge is a comprehensive portal that empowers LPs who are looking to source new investment ideas. In this peer-to-peer setting, LPs can discover unique and in some cases, under the radar strategies.

Sourcing good ideas can be overwhelming at times - here is how the LPGP lounge can help you:

  • Discover smart, unique and innovative GPs which in some cases fly under the radar due to capacity constraints. The GPs will have been vetted by II’s Investment Research team. 
  • De-code industry jargon by accessing II’s custom thought leadership pieces on managers and strategies.
  • Anticipate overcrowding by tracking current and future institutional asset flows by fund type, region or strategy.
  • Compare notes with like-minded peers on a global level.
  • Engage in top-of-agenda discussion on due diligence by joining forces with other LPs through curated white boarding sessions.

Join our white boarding sessions to discuss issues around strategy implementation, governance, benchmarking, and resourcing with your peers today.

Join The Conversation HERE if you are a member of the group, or Request Membership.